Showcase SCN233D (8.2Q)

฿15,990.00 ฿14,990.00

  • Gross / Net Capacity (Liter) : 230 Liter
  • Door Handle : Yes
  • Max Power Consumption (Watt) : 180 Watt
  • Anti-Flogging Glass Door : Yes
  • Bottle Opener : Yes
  • Adjustable rack : Yes
  • Heavy Duty & Rust Free : Yes
  • Wheel : Yes
  • Energy Saving : Yes
  • Product Size (mm) : 540x582x1785 Mm
  • Product Weight (Kg) : 53.5 Kg
  • No Frost : Yes
  • Voltage Input (V) : 180 – 220 V/ 50Hz
  • Digital Display Temperature : Yes
  • Perfect Door Sealed : Yes
  • Lighting : No
  • Capacity : 201L~300L


Showcase SCN233D (8.2Q)

In this digital world, everything moves much faster, Polytron has never slowed down the pace to introduce a new invention into the world wide market. A brand new model of Polytron showcase has arrived with the perfect use of digital control technology, the internal temperature therefore can be set as cold as you want it to then it will make sure that the preset temperature will be accurately controlled and the cold air is spread to every corner inside evenly. In addition, thanks to the rapid smart cooling technology, the cooling process will go 2.3x faster. With both technologies combined, you can be sure that your foods and beverage are securely stored and ready to be served at the best condition. And more importantly, what Polytron is known for is that we have never forgot to consider the power consumption factor whenever we are creating our new products. Thus, LED white lights will be installed on the inside to shine bright light throughout the storage area while consume much lesser energy. 

Polytron showcase comes in 3 sizes 5.0Q, 6.4Q, and 8.2Q.



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