Twin-Tub Washing Machine 6.5 kg

฿4,540.00 ฿4,210.00

  • Type : Twin Tub
  • Washing Capacity (Kg) : 6.5 Kg
  • Color Available : Red Queen (Pink), Royal Brown (Brown)
  • Voltage Input : 220V/50HZ
  • Wash Power Input : 210 WATT
  • Wash Speed : 130 RPM
  • Voltage Input : 220V/50HZ
  • Spin Power Input : 120 WATT
  • Spin Speed : 1400 RPM
  • Gross Weight (Kg) : 21.5 Kg
  • Magic Stick : Yes
  • Magic Ball : Yes
  • Magic Gear : Yes
  • Big Pulsator : Yes
  • Anti Rat : Yes
  • Rust Free : Yes
  • Water Filter : Yes
  • Big Capacity : Yes
  • Product Dimension (mm) : 720x430x935
  • Packing Dimension (mm) : 776x480x990
  • Stuffing 40FT (HC) (units) : 150

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Twin-Tub Washing Machine – PWM 7565 (6.5 kg)

The twin-tub washing machine by Polytron comes with wider tubs, making it ready for higher load capacity and with a bigger rotor replacement, our washing machine is now able to generate its washing performance to the maximum with less energy and water consumption. In addition to the arrival of the brand new technology called “Magic Ball” and “Magic Stick” thanks to our research and development teams, you do not have to worry about getting stains off your favorite clothes anymore because those can be removed very easily by using the magic stick to wipe on the stains and let the magic ball do its job in the washer, and you will be surprised how quick and easy to bring back your favorite clothes and confident.

Our Polytron twin-tub washing machine (6.5 kg) comes in 2 color namely pink and brown for you to choose. And each individual comes with a free set of “Magic Ball” and “Magic Stick” for you to test and see that cleaning and removing stains on your clothes is the easy thing that anyone can do.






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