Laundry Guide Keep Whites Whitest

3 common mistakes on using washing machine

1. Overloading your machine

Today’s washing machines are bigger than ever and it’s tempting to cram in “just one more” thing — but don’t. Even large-capacity machines have their limits. When they’re too full, water and detergent won’t reach everything, dirt gets trapped, and clothing doesn’t get clean. Plus, overloading causes unnecessary wear on your washer, and excess fabric wrinkling.

2. Guesstimating how much detergent to use

To get the best clean, it’s important to follow your detergent’s directions and measure it. Forgo measuring and you decrease cleaning performance, whether you add too little or too much. (Though, it is OK to use a bit more for very dirty loads, or if you’re washing in hard water.)

3. Sticking to the same cycles and settings

One cycle just doesn’t fit all. You probably use the “Regular” or “Delicate” cycles most often, but other settings and options are worth exploring, too.
Avoid these 3 common mistakes, you will get the maximum results from your washing machines.

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